You are at point number 1

The cattle grid at the top of Horse Close is the starting point for the walk.

Follow the path down the hill and as it bears to the left in the avenue of Lime trees, leave the path to fork right and head directly to the woodland. At the entrance to the woods there is a stone stile next to a Sycamore tree, this is point 2.

The Horse Close is one of the areas we use as grazing for sheep and horses - please keep your dogs under control at all times so as not to harm the animals. Here you will find lime trees, with their notable heart shaped leaves which are particularly attractive to aphids which in turn attract ladybirds, bees and many species of bird. The sticky honeydew excreted by the aphids is also a food source for bees which will feed off the deposits left on the leaves, if you listen on a calm hot day you will be able to hear the buzz of hundreds of bees feeding amongst the Lime trees.

As you make your way through horse close and into the parkland enjoy the views down the Golden Valley and beyond towards the village of Syde that can be seen in the distance. The Golden Valley gets its name from the beech trees that line it, in the autumn months they turn a deep golden colour increasing in vibrance as the season goes on, until they drop off and float to the woodland floor feeding the trees from which they came.

As you follow the path through Horse Close enjoy the view of trees that fill the mixed woodland beyond. The changing colours of the leaves of the deciduous trees provide a wonderful spectacle in the autumn, whereas the coniferous trees produce their magnificent cones and most keep their pine needles all year round.

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